What is the difference between an Urgent Care and a Walk in Clinic?

Pediatric ExaminationPrimarily Walk In Clinics are equipped to handle most simple sick visits, but are not equipped to handle special health issues or injuries. Urgent Care centers like ours are equipped with on site blood labs, X-ray facilities, equipment that allows IV placement and more.

Walk In Clinics are staffed differently than Urgent Cares as well. Urgent Care facilities must have staff proficient in delivery of IV's, casting for injuries, and other specialized and more detailed care than a standard Walk In Clinic.

Although both the Walk In Clinics and Urgent Cares serve a vital role in the delivery of health care, Urgent Care facilities are designed to handle a higher level of injury or illness.

Its very important to know that Owl Now provides both Pediatric and Adult Board Certified Physicians. If you're bringing your child in for a visit, you can do so with confidence knowing Owl Now is the only Urgent Care or Walk In Clinic that provides a Board Certified Pediatrician on Staff and as a Clinic Director for Pediatric Care. Bring your child to the doctors who know kids best, a Pediatrician.

Owl Now is staffed by Board Certified doctors with experience as Hospital Intensivists, and staff that are trained to handle true Urgent Care needs.

Whether you have a simple cold/flu, or are running a high fever, cut your hand, or possibly worse, you can be confident that Owl Now Urgent Care can handle all of your health care needs.

Call us today and ask about our physicals for sports, DOT, and Injury care. We provide discounts for simple flu vaccines and more.

If you need us, don't hesitate, we are available now in both Lakeland and Winter Haven.