Stiches and Skin GlueIf you have children, then you may have experienced bringing a child to the hospital or immediate care facility to get stitches. At Owl Now, we will greet you with courtesy and understanding. We love children and go out of our way to get on their level to provide the care they need while making them as comfortable as possible. For many cases where a child has an open wound that requires stitches, we wipe away their tears with a popsicle.

In some cases, when the cut is not too deep, we use skin glue called Dermabond that lasts about five to ten days in order to minimize scaring. In the case where stitches are required, we use patterns and sutures that minimize scaring but have the necessary strength to hold the wound closed.

All of our patients are pleased with the cost savings they receive from our urgent care compared to the emergency room or other urgent care facilities. Patients come to our Lakeland Urgent Care facility from Winter Haven, Davenport, Bartow, Plant City, North Lakeland, and of course South Lakeland. They travel so far because they either do not want to wait so long in a hospital emergency room, or because of their cost savings, or they feel more comfortable here.

Stitches for Adults

Our Providers at Owl Now are trained in all types of wound care; from Pediatric to Adult injuries. Whether your child has fallen and cut their knee, or you grabbed the hedge trimmer when you shouldn't have, our Doctors can care for your wounds with sutures or Dermabond skin glue. Although we usually give kids a pop cycle, if you would like one, we probably will have extra's!

See Glue - Treatment After You Leave for instructions on how to care for the wounds that we glue closed. It discusses what you need to look out for, bandaging, and when not to wash.

What our Patients Say

Here is an email from one of patient’s parents :

We would like to say thank you to your staff...
Ginny glued Bryan's head back together, while her aid gently studied him making sure that he did not fall off the bed. Then Ginny and her aid gave Bryan a pop-cycle. Bryan was brave and did not cry while the aid cleaned his wound. He did not even cry while Ginny glued his eyebrow back together. Bryan said that he enjoyed the visit. I hope he means that he likes medical centers because he wants to become a doctor, rather than returning as a patient.
-Charles Teague