Owl Now Urgent Care is Polk County's ONLY After-Hours Pediatric and Adult Urgent Care clinic with services available 7 days a week (see hours of operations on the contact us page). We currently have two office in Polk County to serve you. Both offices have board certified pediatricians and adult providers for all of your urgent care needs. We save people both money and time over ER costs and long waits. We are open when your doctors are closed. X-rays, blood labs and injury care are available on site. If you, or your child is injured, or has an infection then what we offer is important for you to know. Listed below are the features that make us unique and qualified to provide the best in urgent care alternatives, when you need immediate care:

  • On site CLIA Certified blood lab to determine infection severity right away- Time is important. Infections can threaten your child's life, find out immediately at Owl Now, how advanced the infection is. Not all sites can do what we can do!
  • On site X-Rays- Owl Now has always provided on site X-Ray and we now offer the latest Digital X-Ray systems that allow immediate access to the best radiologists in the area. Expert over reads are a click away. Your health, or the health of your child is our most important priority, and at Owl Now Urgent Care, we spare no expense to provide you the most immediate and comprehensive care available.
  • Dehydration from Diarrhea or Vomiting? We offer on site IV Hydration and medication Infusion Therapy- Avoid hospital costs and long waits for hydration via IV. Whether medication infusion therapy, or just hydration is needed, Owl Now is equipped to provide the best in care.
  • Suture and Ortho-Glass (casting & splinting) Orthopedic Care- On site laceration and minor fracture care is available. Whether it's dermabond skin glue, staples for head wounds, or more advanced suturing for deeper wounds, our staff is ready to give you and your children the care you need and expect.
  • The Only Urgent Care with Pediatricians on staff and Board Certified- There is a dramatic difference between adult and Pediatric care. At Owl Now, your children are cared for by Pediatricians and all children care is overseen and designed by our Pediatric Staff. With prior experience as Pediatric Hospitalists, Dr Adler and his staff specialize and are board certified in Pediatric care. Trust your child's health to the experts at Owl Now!
  • On site Breathing treatments and observation care for Asthma- Not all facilities can keep you, or your child in observation to raise oxygen levels to normal before you go home. At Owl Now, we make sure you're stable, no matter how long we need to observe you. Room is not an issue at Owl Now, we always have room for you.