Flu Shots

Flu Vaccine and You: Understanding Who Needs the Flu Shot and Who Doesn’t

A needle vaccinates a patient in the armWith the concern this flu season you might be considering a flu shot something that you don’t really have a choice about. The truth is that for some of us getting vaccinated isn’t the best or the most convenient option. Please keep these rules and warnings in mind when deciding if you need to get a shot this year.

Who Should Get Inoculated?

If any of the classifications below apply to you, inoculation will be beneficial and could be in your best interest if you are among those at highest risk.

  • Pregnant Women
  • Infants and Children Between the Ages of 6 Months and 19 Years
  • Adults Who Are Age 50 or Older
  • Those With Chronic Medical Conditions, Muscle and Nerve Diseases or Weakened Immune Systems
  • Those Who Reside in Long Term Care Facilities or Nursing Homes
  • Those Who Work in or Live in the Home of Someone Who is in a Healthcare Career
  • Those Who Reside With or Care for Children Less Than 6 Months of Age


The flu tends to target and be most serious in those who have weaker immune systems. Small children and the elderly are especially susceptible to the virus as are those with chronic illness. Pregnant women are at risk for the virus because of the risk of the baby becoming ill along with you and the risk of the flu’s affects causing the baby harm. It could also offer the baby a limited immunity to the virus after birth. Getting the vaccine protects all of those at risk from getting the virus.

If you need a flu shot and you are in the Lakland Florida area please call (863) 644-7337 to make an appointment. You can also fill out our urgent care contact us form.

Who Should Avoid Getting a Flu Vaccination?

The following people could put themselves at risk if they attempt to have a flu shot.

  • Anyone Who is Severely Allergic to Chicken Eggs
  • Anyone Who Had a Bad Reaction to Flu Vaccine
  • If You’ve Developed the Guillian-Barre Syndrome Within 6 Weeks of Receiving a Flu Shot
  • Anyone Who is Experiencing a Moderate to Severe Illness That Also Involves a Fever
  • Any Infant Under the Age of 6 Months

These people are at as much or more of a health risk from the vaccine as the virus.

In Addition FluMist Shouldn’t be Administered to These People

  • Pregnant Women
  • Children Younger than 2
  • Adults Over 49
  • Those With Asthma
  • Children or Adults Using Aspirin for Therapy
  • Side Effects and Warnings

As is true with most any medication or vaccine there are side effects to the flu vaccine. It also comes in two forms a mist called FluMist or the standard flu shot. The side effects for each are listed below.

FluMist Side Effects

  • Runny Nose
  • Headache
  • Sore Throat
  • Cough
  • Additional Side Effects for Children
  • Wheezing
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle Aches
  • Fever

Flu Shot Side Effects

  • Redness, Soreness or Swelling at the Injection Site
  • Low Grade Fever
  • Body Ache