Tetanus Shots

A smiling boy receives a vaccination from a doctorIs It Time To Update Your Tetanus Shot?

A tetanus shot is usually given to all infants and it is also a part of well baby care. A tetanus shot is given as an effective protection against tetanus or lockjaw, which used to be a deadly disease before a vaccine was discovered.

What is Tetanus?

Tetanus is a condition that develops because of an infection in the skin, usually from a puncture mark. The reason that tetanus is also known as lockjaw is that the disease spreads through the blood system to the point where facial features are frozen and it makes it difficult for a person to smile or speak. Other tetanus symptoms include fever, confusion and a general feeling of being unwell. If untreated, tetanus is fatal. It attacks the central nervous system and causes toxicity in the blood.

Tetanus Vaccination & Booster Shots

All infants are given a tetanus vaccination followed by a booster shot of the tetanus vaccine, which is recommended every five to ten years. The vaccine is not harmful and, like other immunizations, will prevent this disease from occurring should you get cut or punctured. You can find out further vaccine information regarding the tetanus shot by seeking out care at a well care clinic.

If you or your child has stepped on a nail or you have been bitten or stung, the doctor will usually recommend a tetanus shot. If you are unclear about when was the last time you have had a tetanus vaccination, the doctor will usually administer one anyway. There are no tetanus side effects when you take the shot; except for a slight swelling, as is the case with most other immunizations.

While many immunizations are good for the lifetime of the individual, this is not the case when it comes to the tetanus vaccine. You should make sure that you get a tetanus booster on a regular basis and keep track of your immunizations. It is imperative that anyone who is punctured or cut and is at risk for tetanus not only receive care for the wound, but also get a tetanus vaccine to protect themselves against this disease.

Prior to the vaccine developed for tetanus, people who stepped on nails or received a puncture wound often wound up with tetanus. Many of those who developed this disease died as a result. There is no reason for anyone to even develop this deadly disease as there are booster vaccinations available that can be easily administered by a doctor or other medical practitioner who is licensed to provide a vaccine. If you are unsure of when you had your last tetanus booster, do not take chances; step in to Owl Now Urgent Care and get a booster shot today.