The Benefits of Having X-Rays, Labs & EKG On-Site

Picture of an EKG graphFor many people, there will be times when they need to have emergency treatment for an injury or illness, and the cure may not be a simple thing to accomplish. Some might require additional trips to have an X-ray done or blood work or even an EKG. If this were to happen to you, which would you prefer for treatment: a traditional hospital where additional tests may have to be done off site, in several locations, or a single center where everything, including X-rays, labs & EKG on-site? As it turns out, the majority agreed and urgent care centers were born.

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Urgent Care: Beyond the Average Emergency Room

Urgent Care or Walk-In clinics make it possible for more people to receive the prompt treatment they deserve, whether due to illness or accident, without having to wait for hours in a hospital emergency room. They were created out of a necessity within communities that were under serviced in terms of health care, usually only having one major hospital in the area. Trauma centers will receive accident victims and other higher priority cases at a point where the average emergency room patient will be left waiting for treatment for six hours or more before being rushed through their care. The independent clinics on the other hand, offer more personalized care all in one spot, for a lot less of a wait time.

Because these sites also offer X-rays, labs & EKG on-site, they also accept patients with a wider range of insurance options than most hospitals will. Too many insurance companies these days hit their customers with co-pay fees for going to an out of contract provider for care, especially in emergency situations. By actively entering into agreements with the majority of insurance carriers, patients can receive the same quality of care at an urgent care center, for far less of a co-pay being required, if at all. Doctors not affiliated with major hospitals will also recommend patients for testing services at urgent care centers, because of the convenience of all-in-one services these centers offer in laboratory testing, radiology and other patient services.

An Improvement in Overall Patient Care

For long-term illnesses that may require lengthy circuits of treatment and exams, the urgent care center makes it possible to reduce the stress level for these patients by opening up the possibility of only having to travel to one site for all of their monitored care. Simply make appointments with the appropriate departments within the urgent care center for blood work tests, a stress test, x-ray images, or anything else your doctor requires for your continued treatment. X-Rays, labs & EKG on-site equals less stress and more enhanced patient care.