Emergency Treatment of Work Related Injuries

A woman wearing a slingIf you ever become the victim of work related injuries, the first thing you need to do is to alert your immediate supervisor, and then ask to be taken for medical treatment. You have the right to expect immediate treatment, no matter how much your employer will want to investigate the incident beforehand. Under federal workers compensation law, you must be seen by a doctor within a limited frame of time and any delay could cause you to lose the right to compensation under the law.

Have questions regarding work related injuries or the steps you might have to go through to get them resolved? All of us here at Owl Now Urgent Care understand how frightening it can be, and you may not remember to ask questions when it happens, so call us today for information.

Cuts and Wounds

If your work related injuries have resulted in you being cut or wounded, you should apply pressure to the wound area immediately and maintain that pressure as much as you can while you are brought to the urgent care center. This is to prevent further blood loss and to keep the wound area as free of debris as possible. This is especially true in the cases of deep cuts or even full or partial amputations, because blood loss can become life threatening in minutes. If there has been an amputation, make sure that missing part has been put in ice and brought with you.

Muscle and Bone Injuries

If you have fallen and broken a bone, emergency personnel will keep it immobilized until you arrive at the urgent care center. It is important to stay calm, and let them do what they need to do to prevent further injury until the bone can be set. Communicate openly with them about the level of pain you are feeling, because that is the only way they have of knowing whether something else, like nerve damage, may also be involved.

Muscle strains, sprains and pulls should be iced before you get treatment, and you should try very hard not to walk on or use the injured area as much as possible. This will keep the swelling to a minimum and allow clear x-rays to be taken of the injured area once you arrive. Follow the doctor’s orders as far as rest, ice and elevation for the best results of recovery.

After Treatment

Following immediate treatment for your work related injuries, in cases of potential workmen’s compensation claims, certain procedures must be followed. It is required by law that you be given a drug test, even if you have never used any narcotics or alcohol on the job in the past. This is simply a way of making sure that you were in complete control of your faculties while performing the expected duties. Your employer’s insurance company will require it, as well, so best to get it out of the way as soon as possible.