Common Flu Symptoms

Getting Familiar With The Flu Symptoms

A woman lays under a blanket while reading a thermometerYou wake up one morning with a bad cold and feeling ill and achy all over. But is this just the common cold or are you going in for the flu? A few symptoms could be the difference between being at home for two days or undergoing flu treatment and being stuck in bed for over a week.

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The Common Symptoms of the Flu

If you are going in for the flu, you will usually have a high fever and a headache, a body ache or a sore throat. Some people may experience some congestion or a cough. Common flu symptoms generally set in pretty quickly and you will feel weak and tired within a short period of time. Those who are going in for more dangerous strains of the infection, like swine flu, may also have diarrhea or start vomiting.

Do you have a Cold or the Flu?

It can be difficult to distinguish between influenza and common cold symptoms. If you feel like you are falling ill, the best thing to do is take your temperature. Usually, people who only show symptoms of a cold do not have a temperature over 101 degrees. If your muscles are aching and you have a high fever, you are more likely to be suffering from the flu. You will also get a rough idea based on the season when you fall ill. The flu season goes on from autumn to spring so any kind of infection at that time is likely to be something more than the regular head cold.

Preventing Illness During this Season

If you have a fever that lasts more than three days or a bad cough for that much time, you should visit the doctor. Persistent headaches or discomfort when swallowing should also be treated by a medical professional. However, there are a few things that you can do at home to prevent getting ill. Washing your hands frequently will help to get germs off the skin. Rub your hands well in warm soapy water for a minimum of 20 seconds to clean them properly. The flu shot is also a very good idea during this season, especially for children. If your kids can be vaccinated before the autumn sets in, antibodies will develop in their systems so that they can fight a lot of viruses and there will be a much better chance of getting them through until spring without falling ill.