Flu Shot Season Why You Should Protect Yourself

Flu Shot SeasonAs December approaches it is important to understand what is the flu shot season and why you should protect yourself. The start of December to about the end of March is peak season for flu. These 4 months see the highest number of flu cases across the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommend that everyone should get a flu shot, which is why this period is also often referred to as flu shot season.

Why wait till the flu season is at its peak? Getting a flu shot will protect you from the symptoms of the flu. At Owl Now Urgent Care you and your family can walk in any time, whether you are looking to get a flu test, flu treatment or a flu shot.

The importance of protecting yourself from the flu

Flu symptoms can leave you feeling too weak and tired to do anything. In addition to having to pay for flu treatment you will also have to stay away from work, which could mean loss of wages for the days that you have not gone in to work. According to some reports, as many as 11 million work days are lost only because of the flu.

Another huge problem is that the flu is highly contagious. This means even if your symptoms are minor you will have to avoid contact with other family members as much as possible. The danger of passing on the symptoms to others is that the symptoms they experience may be much more severe and even life-threatening. For this reason staying home from work is important even if your symptoms are mild.

Flu shot is safe

Many people are hesitant about getting the flu shot because they are worried that they may get the condition after taking the shot. This is just a myth. Yes the flu vaccine does contain the virus that is responsible for triggering flu symptoms but the virus is processed before being used so it is inactive and safe. The flu virus is added to the vaccine because they cause antibodies that ultimately provide protection from the flu.

Some people may experience low-grade fever and some swelling at the site after taking the shot but that is just a normal and the reaction is very mild. The flu shot side effects are much milder and more tolerable than the symptoms you would experience if you do not take the shot.

Some people are at higher risk of experiencing serious complications from the flu. It is particularly important for them to get the flu shot ahead of the season so that they are well protected.